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Shei-Pa National Park Xuejian Recreation Area

Duration: 4:00

Tawny Fish Owl-A Mysterious Bird in the Dark

Duration: 3:00

Mandarin Duck tidying feather

Duration: 1:14

Mandarin Duck

Duration: 0:32

Alerted Mandarin Duck

Duration: 0:43

Mandarin Duck (Male)

Duration: 0:11

Mandarin Duck tidying feather (Male)

Duration: 0:24

Once Upon a Time

Duration: 2:04

Aerial Video of Taiwan National Parks

Duration: 7:53

Everlasting Moments

Duration: 2:04

Legend of the Taai - People, Spirit, Nature

Duration: 2:09

The Holy Ridge - The Backbone of Xue Mountain

Duration: 2:05

The Story of the Guanwu Salamander

Duration: 2:30

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