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A Friendly Park for Tourists -Wenshui Visitor Center Establishes a Muslim Prayer Room

Wenshui Service Area in Shei-Pa National Park attracts numerous domestic and overseas visitors every year. Thanks to the governmental efforts to promote tourism and the New Southbound Policy, the number of visitors has increased substantially in recent years. To build a friendly environment for tourists, Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters has established a Muslim prayer room at Wenshui Visitor Center.

The floor of the prayer room is made of wood, and there are seats where visitors can remove their shoes and conduct prayers. The seat design also allows prayers to “orient themselves towards Mecca”. In addition, a Koran, prayer rugs and other items required for prayers are available to Muslim visitors. The adjacent special barrier-free restroom is equipped with bidet sprays. We are indebted to the Islamic Association of Taiwan for its assistance and advice during the planning and design of the prayer room. The Koran was offered by Taichung Mosque. The construction of the prayer room was completed in 2019 and is open to the visitors. Those who wish to use the room may apply at the service counter of the Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters and will have someone assigned to provide help. We hope the prayer room will provide a more satisfactory experience to Muslim visitors.