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Zhijiayang Trail

During the Japanese colonial era around 1915, a Japanese survey team first climbed up to and measured Main Peak of Xue Mountain along Zhijiayang Trail, which became the most convenient route for clambering up the second highest mountain in Taiwan at that time. It was East Xue Trail completed in 1970 that replaced Zhijiayang Trail as the easiest passage to Xue Mountain. Estimated 3,345 meters, Jhihjiayang Mountain possesses beautiful scenery like Piaodan Pool on the concave valley of the southeast slope or Sihjielan Creek along the trail. Huanshan Tribe inhabited by Atayal indigenous people is also a beautiful and historically significant hometown, worth a 3- to 4-day visit in which Zhijiayang Trail will give each visitor an unforgettable memory.
Piaodan Pool
Piaodan Pool

  • Day 1

    Lishan or Yilan→ Huanshan Tribe

  • Day 2

    Huanshan Tribe 50min→ Songbo Farm 70min→ Trailhead 150min→Sailiangjiou Campground 100min→ Piaodan Hut

  • Day 3

    Piaodan Hut 60min→ Jhihjiayang Mountain 200min→ former site of Syueshan Cabin 210min→ Main Peak of Xue Mountain 140min→ Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut)

  • Day 4

    Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut) 40min→ East Peak of Xue Mountain 155min→ Qika Hut 50min→ Trailhead of Xue Mountain→return trip by car

  • Map
    Zhijiayang route
  • Huanshan Tribe image
    Huanshan Tribe T97 E279771/N2690223

    Huanshan Pingdeng Elementary School or tribe church can offer accommodation. Privately run bed & breakfast inns in the Huanshan area are: Atayal Cultural Museum (Syueshan bed & breakfast): 886-4-2580-2315 Dajheng Recreational Bed & Breakfast: 88-4-2580-2332

  • Water at Trailhead of jinjiang Mountain T97 E277278/N2691615

    Since Piaodan Pool probably dries up, climbers should prepare enough water for one day usage at the creek in front of the trailhead. Besides, about 10-minute walk away from the trailhead, the second creek is rich in water too.

  • Sailiangjiou Campground T97 E276471/N2693783

    Around 2,700 meters high, this campground is a platform surrounded by the pinewoods. Tents can be stationed here, without water. There used to be a pluviometer but removed already.

  • Piaodan Hut T97 E275846/N2694443

    Lying next to Piaodan Pool, this hut can contain 6 to 8 people. Piaodan Pool never dried up before, but has happened several times in recent years. Since water source is unstable, it is better to prepare some water near the trailhead.

  • Former site of Syueshan Cabin T97 E274073/N2696732

    Built in 1929, Syueshan Cabin could contain 100 people at that time, becoming a platform now. Water is in the creek on the northeast.