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Xuejian Trail

The visitor center is the national park’s Xuejian area interpretation base. It has a display area and an audio-visual room and interpreters who introduce the local natural resources, recreation information, culture and history. The audio-visual room has 50 seats and shows films about Shei-pa National Park’s ecology at fixed times every day. Group booking of showings are welcome. The center has a shop selling nature books and providing commemorative stamps. When you visit Xuejian please come to the visitor center to take a rest and enjoy the educational and interesting space planned by the national park headquarters.

  • Opening time
    The exhibition room is open to visitors every day from 0900 to 16.30. It is closed on Mondays. When Monday is a national holiday it is closed the day after the holiday.
  • Address
    10, Xuejian, 7 ling, Meiyuan Village, Tai-an Township, Miaoli County 36545
  • Tel
  • Fax
  • Ecological film showing time
    Time / Title
    09:30 Discover Shei-pa
    10:30 One upon a time
    11:30 The Shengleng Forest Canopy
    13:30 Aerial Video of Taiwan National Parks
    14:30 The Holy Ridge-The Backbone of Xue Mountain
    15:30 Tawny Fish Owl-A Mysterious Bird in the Dark
    In addition to the above showings,10:00, 11:00, 14:00 and 15:00 can be booked by groups of over 20 people. Please make a booking by phone at least one day in advance on: +886-37-962-188

    Please note:

    The audio-visual room has 50 seats. Each film is around 20 minutes long. Seats are allocated on a first come first served.

    If no seats are available or the times are unsuitable a showing can be booked in advance on: +886-37-962-188

    Things to note about advance booking:

    No bookings are taken for 1200-1300 because staff numbers are insufficient. Please arrive for the showing on time. In the case of late arrival the park headquarters reserves the right to cancel the showing.

  • Xuejian Forest Cafe

    The visitor center serves coffee, tea, thick toast and other snacks. Visitors are advised to bring their own food or eat in a local village homestay (fires, cooking and camping are prohibited in the recreation area.

  • Map
  • Smoking Areas
    Xuejian Station Entry Xuejian Station staff parking area
    Xuejian Station Entry Xuejian Station staff parking area
  • Xuejian Recreation Area (Tai-an Township, Miaoli County)

    Entering from the Miaoli or Dahu areas

    Take National Highway 1, exiting at Miaoli, then take the Expressway 72 or Provincial Highway 6 or 3 past Shei-pa National Park’s Wenshui Visitor Center to Dahu, then take County Road 61, pass Zhongxing Inspection Post, pass through Erbensong to Xuejian Recreation Area. The distance is about 35 kilometers from Miaoli and around 1.5 hours are required.

    Entering from the Dongshi or Zhuolan areas
    Visitors from central and southern Taiwan can take Provincial Highway No. 3 from Taizhong to Dongshi, then take County Road 47 (Dongqi Road) to Daguan or take County Road 58 from Zhuolan, Miaoli, over Baibufan Bridge, then take County Road 47 to Daguan, then pass through Taoshan Village (Xueshankeng) to Tai-an Township, go through Yong-an and Da-an go over Meixiang Bridge through Meiyuan and Tiangou and then turn onto Simaxian Forest Road, pass through Erbensong to Xuejian. The distance is around 45 kilometers from Dongshi and around two hours are required.

  • Distances

    Dahu→6K→Zhongxing Police Station(mountain permit)→15K→ Erbensong Interpretation Station→2.1K→Songlin Scenery viewing platform
    →3.1K→National park boundary marker(Jinwei mountainTrailhead)→3.5K→Xuejian Visitor Center and Station
    →4K→Dongxishui mountain trailhead→2.2K→Beikeng mountain trailhead

    Dongshi→8K→Shuangqi village→5K→Shilin weir (Shilin Village)→2.5K→Xiangbi Village→2K→
    Yongan Village→1K→Da-an Village(mountain permit)→1.5K→Meiyuan Village→2K→Tiangou Village→3K→
    Erbensong interpretation station→1.5K→Erbensong Interpretation Station。

  • Driving direction
  • Map

This area does not provide food or accommodation and is around two hours by car from Dongshi and Miaoli, the nearest cities/towns of any size, therefore we suggest that a trip of at least two days is arranged. Food and accommodation should also be prearranged by contacting one of the homestays in a village near Xuejian.

  • Maruda Fort Trail

    Two day trip

    Day 1

    Taipei or Taizhong→Miaoli→Dalu or Zhuolan→Erbensong Interpretaion station→Maruda Fort →Xuejian Visitor Center→Xuejian Recreation Area(Forest Trail)→Homestay near Nansan Village, Tai-an Township

    Day 2

    Take a tour of local villages arranged by the homestay, hike on Xibi Bride old road and admire the scenery, traditional Atayal culture experiential activity→return


  • 一日遊

    大湖 → (26.3公里,車程60分鐘) → 二本松解說站(參觀文史館及周邊賞景,停留45分鐘) → (車程8.7公里,沿途眺望聖稜線山景及大安溪谷風光) → 雪見遊憩區用餐休息(停留60分鐘) → 參觀遊客中心、欣賞生態影片(停留60分鐘) → 觀察大型蝙蝠屋(停留30分鐘) → 林間休憩座位區品嚐輕食、咖啡(停留30分鐘) → 賦歸(車程約70分鐘)

  • 遊程簡介




(The above information is for reference only)

1. Simaxiajn Forest Road is narrow. The speed limit is 15 kmh and only vehicles of nine seats and under are allowed on it.
2. Simaxiajn Forest Road is susceptible to rock falls and road collapse. Visitors are requested to pay attention to safety at all times.
3. The condition of the end section of Simaxian Forest Road after the visitor center (23.7K to around the 30K mark at the trailhead) is poor and the foundation unstable, making it susceptible to collapse after heavy rain. The road foundation has subsided in many places. The road is also narrow, making passing oncoming vehicles difficult. To protect visitors and raise the quality of eco-tourism the only vehicles allowed on this section of road are ambulances and work vehicles. With regards to cyclists, the area’s weather is unstable and road condition poor. Cyclists are requested to check their cycles are working properly and wear a helmet. If there is bad weather or road collapse Xuejian Station can close the road to cyclists if the situation requires.
4. The section of Simaxian Forest Road after Beikeng mountain trailhead has been abandoned and visitors are requested not to enter it.
5. Fires, cooking and camping are prohibited in the recreation area, including Erbensong Interpretation Station, Songlin Scenery Viewing Platform and the boundary marker scenic platform.
6. From Erbensong to Guanwu (Maoyili,) Beikeng Creek old road is 33.1 kilometers long. It was formerly an Atayal hunting trail. It collapsed in many places during Typhoon Aere in 2004 and has been closed. Visitors are requested to stay off the trail.
7. There is no gas station in the Xuejian area and the nearest is in Dahu 25 kilometers away. There is also a gas station in Zhuolan 45 kilometers away. Visitors should pay attention to their fuel situation.
8. The recreation area’s parking space is limited. Visitors are asked to visit at non-holiday times if possible to avoid traffic jams.
9. The only accommodation and food available in the area is provided by the homestays in nearby villages. If required these should be booked in advance.
10. The weather in the mountains is changeable and road conditions are poor. Visitors should plan carefully and leave Xuejian well before nightfall.
11. Please save water because water supply in the mountains is limited.
12. Smoking is not allowed outside of smoking area.

  • Visitor Center
  • Xuejian Shengleng Trail
    Live video of the Xuejian Shengleng Trail