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Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trail

Wuling Quadruple Mountains refer to four famous mountains-Pintian Mountain (3,524), Chihyou Mountain (3,303), Tao Mountain (3,325), and Kalahei Mountain (3,133)-from west to east. This 10-kilometer-long ridge composed of four mountains is part of Xue Mountain Range extending northeast. The reason to name it Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trail is because this trail starts from Wuling Farm. The peach-shaped mountain, Tao Mountain, impresses every visitor by its conspicuous outlook.

Though as long as 10 kilometers, Wuling Quadruple Mountains Trail is not hard to walk on, for the horizontal journey is smooth and clear enough. It is worth to arrange a 3- to 4-day trip to visit Wuling Quadruple Mountains, where you will definitely leave with unforgettable memory in life.
Pintian Mountain
Pintian Mountain

  • Day 1

    stay one night in Wuling Recreation Area→Wuling Suspension Bridge 100min→ Trailhead of Chiyou Mountain 420min→ Sancha Campground 60min→ Xinda Hut

  • Day 2

    Xinda Hut 120min→ head to Pintian Mountain to and fro with a light pack 140min→ head to Trailhead of Chiyou Mountain with a full pack 20min→ head to Chihyou Mountain with a light pack 20min→ across Xinda Hut with a full pack 190min→ Taoshan Hut

  • Day 3

    Taoshan→HutTao Mountain 155min→ Kalahei Mountain 155min→ back to Taoshan Hut 240min→ Trailhead of Tao Mountain→Wuling Recreation Area


  • Sancha Campground T97 E279582/N2702753

    About 3,200 meters above sea level, Sancha Campground divides the mountain trail into two directions. The right one (northeast) heads toward Tao and Kalahei Mountains, while the left one (northwest) toward Xinda Hut. There is no water source here.

  • Xinda Hut image
    Xinda Hut T97 E278267/N2702667

    Xinda Hut is next to Sinda Pool, whose water is slightly polluted and in need of boiling before drinking.

  • Taoshan Hut image
    Taoshan Hut T97 E280672/N2703033

    Without water source, Taoshan Hut is close to the peak of Tao Mountain.