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After the renewal of its displays Wuling Visitor Center reopened in November, 2004. It has an audio-visual room, a Qijiawan ecology themed display area and an interpretation counter. The display area introduces the sights and mountain trails of the Wuling area and presents the geology, landscape, flora and fauna and cultural resources of the Qijiawan River catchment area in easy to understand words and pictures, allowing visitors to acquire related travel information in a short time. The visitor center also sells national park ecology books, interpretation items and souvenirs, has a reading area that serves simple meals and drinks (milk tea, coffee, lei tea) and thick toast. Photographs of the flora and fauna and scenery of Wuling decorate the walls. If you need a rest during your visit this is an ideal place to take a rest.

  • Opening time

    09.00 to 17:00 every day Closed on Monday. When Monday is a holiday the center will be closed the day after the holiday.

  • Address

    4, Wuling Road, Heping District, Taizhong City 42495

  • Tel


  • Smoking Area


  • Ecological film showing time
    Time / Title
    09:30 Aerial Video of Taiwan National Parks
    10:30  Aerial Video of Kyawan
    11:30  The Holy Ridge-The Backbone of Xue Mountain
    13:30  Aerial Video of Kyawan
    14:30  The Holy Ridge-The Backbone of Xue Mountain
    15:30  Tawny Fish Owl-A Mysterious Bird in the Dark
    Saturday Extra Showing
    16:10  Aerial Video of Kyawan
    Things to note:

    The audio-visual room has 54 seats. If seats are all taken or the above times are inconvenient, a showing can be booked in advance on +886-425-901-350
    Group bookings for more than 20 people are accepted and must be made at least one day in advance.
    Staff numbers at lunchtime are insufficient so no bookings are taken 12:00-13:00. Please be on time for the showing. In the case of late arrival the park headquarters reserves the right to cancel the showing.

  • Photo Gallery
  • King Bus(get off at Yilan Railway Station and walk 150 meters to the left to King Bus’s Yilan main station)( to King Bus )

    Travelling time : 2 hours and 45 minutes
    Seat booking:039-384171 Toll-free service:0800-010138
    Yilan→Wuling Farm 07:30、12:40 (Yilan to Lishan)
    Wuling Farm→Yilan 09:10、14:10

    Luodong→Wuling Farm 07:00、12:20 (Luodong to Lishan)
    Wuling Farm→Luodong 09:10、13:40

  • e-go bus (every day, make reservation 3 days before the trip)( to e-go )

    Travelling time:4 hours / Taipei Main Station to Wuling Farm
    Seat booking: 02-27965696
    There:Taipei Main Station 07:20(Check-in at East Gate 3) →Wuling Farm 11:20
    Back:Wuling Farm 14:00→Taipei 18:30

  • Fengyuan Bus Transportation Co., Ltd.(take in front of Fengyuan Railway Station, address: No. 46, Sanmin Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City)(to Fengyuan Bus Transportation Co., Ltd.)

    Travelling time:around 7 hours (not including transfer time). One bus per day. The return trip leaves the next day.
    Fengyuan Bus Transportation Co., Ltd. enquiries:04-36119263
    First take a bus Fengyuan-Lishan, then transfer to a bus from Lishan to Wuling Farm

    There: Fengyuan→Lishan 08:50

    Lishan→Wuling 16:50
    Back:Wuling →Lishan 06:30

    Lishan→Fengyuan 08:00

  • Driving direction
  • Construction branches

    Dulishan branch: 039-809601
    Lishan branch: 04-25989209
    Beiheng branch: 03-3822356

  • Wuling Recreation Area Map
  • Wuling Farm


    Day 1

    Taipei→Wuling Recreation Area→Wuling Visitor Center→Wuling Farm (admiring the scenery, fish watching)→ Dinner, overnight stay on Wuling Farm

    Day 2

    Wuling Recreation Area→Taoshan Waterfall Hiking Trail→Lunch→return (or Wuling Recreation Area)→Mt. Xue trailhead→Scenery viewing platform→Qika Cabin→Lunch→return)

  • Taoshan Waterfall


    Day 1

    Taizhong→Puli→Wushe→Lishan→Wuling Recreation Area→Wuling Visitor Center→Wuling Farm (admiring the scenery, fish watching)→Dinner, overnight stay on Wuling Farm

    Day 2

    Wuling Recreation Area→Taoshan Waterfall Hiking Trail→Lunchreturn(or Wu→ling Recreation Area)→Mt. Xue trailhead→Scenery viewing platform→Qika Cabin→Lunch→return)


  • 一日遊

    宜蘭 → 武陵遊客中心(90公里,車程2.5小時) → 用餐(1小時) → 武陵遊客中心(停留30分鐘) → 茶莊(500公尺,步行10分鐘/車程2分鐘,停留20分鐘) → 觀魚台(1.8公里,步行30分鐘/車程10分鐘,停留20分鐘) → 返程至武陵遊客中心 * 臺灣櫻花鉤吻鮭生態中心(300公尺,步行5分鐘,停留30分鐘) → 賦歸

  • 遊程簡介





(The above information is for reference only)

1. Check the weather and road conditions before setting off on your trip.
2. Wuling Recreation Area has Wuling Station, Wuling Visitor Center and Wuling Police Squad providing information and emergency assistance.
3. No mountain entry permit is required for Wuling Recreation area. There is a cleaning fee for entering Wuling Farm (including accident insurance).
4. To climb the Mt. Xue and Wuling-Sixiu routes mountain entry and conservation area permits must first be obtained according to regulations.
5. Qijiawan is a conservation area and entry is not allowed without a conservation area permit.
6. The mountains can be very cold. Visitors should take warm clothing when they go into high mountain areas.
7. Accommodation is limited in high mountain areas and must be arranged before setting out if needed.
8. The Mt. Xue area is an important water source and habitat for wildlife. Please protect the natural environment and be careful not to start a fire.
9. Do not walk alone in high mountain areas.
10. To conserve soil and water do not leave the trails or take shortcuts.
11. Play your part in environmental protection by taking your rubbish away with you when you go down the mountain.
12. Smoking is not allowed outside of smoking area.

  • Visitor Center
  • The Formosan Landlocked Salmon Ecological Center
    Live video of the The Formosan Landlocked Salmon Ecological Center