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Shei-pa National Park, Taiwan's fifth national park, was established on July 1, 1992. It is a high mountain type national park located in the northern part of central Taiwan. The park, centered on the Mt. Xue mountain range, has an area of 76,568.6 hectares and covers Wufeng Township and Jianshi Township in Xinzhu County, Tai-an Township in Miaoli County and Heping District in Taizhong City. The terrain is varied, the scenery diverse and the weather changeable and, particular, the high peaks and rivers create gorgeous and spectacular scenes. The park also has rich flora and fauna and cultural resources. Shei-pa National Park is a natural outdoor classroom in which you can learn while having fun and which deserves experiencing in depth.

In the early days after the establishment of the park difficulties in acquiring land for the park headquarters meant that the headquarters was temporarily housed in rented property in Dongshi, Taizhong County while a suitable site was actively sought. Following a suggestion by Miaoli County Government and after a number of inspection visits by CPA and park headquarters personnel, based on the principle of balanced regional development, Wenshui, Dahu Township, Miaoli County was chosen on July 5, 1994 as the site for the park's management base. The move into their own home long anticipated by park staff was finally completed in February 2001, heralding a new era for the park.

The visitor center has an exhibition room and an audio-visual room in which the park's geology, terrain, flora and fauna and cultural landscape are explained in easy to understand words, pictures and moving image, allowing visitors to acquire an understanding of the park in a short time. At the side of the headquarters there is a two storey octagonal building, next to an ecological scenic pond, offering excellent views and also selling simple meals and national park related publications, making it a good place to rest or read about nature.

A national park is a “100 year endeavor” and the park headquarters bears the responsibility of ensuring that it completes its sacred mission of managing the park successfully so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. The opening of the park headquarters allowed services to be expanded, in particular allowing more complete national park information and interpretation services to be provided. The aim is to use rich and lifelike natural resource displays and interpretation to develop the ecological awareness of the public, allow them to appreciate the realness and beauty of Formosa and plant the seeds of conservation.

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    100, Shuiweiping, Fuxing village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County
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  • Ecological film showing time
    Time / Title
    09:30 The Shengleng Forest Canopy
    10:30 Aerial Video of Taiwan National Parks
    11:30 Image of Guanwu
    13:00 Saving the Taiwan Salmon
    14:00 Aerial Video of Taiwan National Parks
    15:00 Tawny Fish Owl-A Mysterious Bird in the Dark
    16:00 The Holy Ridge-The Backbone of Xue Mountain
    Things to note:

    You can enquire about the videos by calling +886-37-996-100 ext. 850.
    The films are 20-25 minutes long. Booking is not required and seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. No more people will be allowed into the audio-video room when the seats are all taken.
    The audio-visual room has 170 seats. If seats are all taken or the above times are inconvenient, a showing can be booked in advance on +886-37-996-100 ext. 850.(No bookings are taken for weekend showings).
    On ordinary days bookings can be taken for 10:00, 11:00, 14:30 and 15:30 showing but not for other times.

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  • Drivers:

    (A)By freeway
    1. Take Zhongshan Highway, exiting at Miaoli(132K)→East-West Expressway(Provincial Highway No. 72)→take Provincial Highway 3 at Wenshui→County Road 62 towards Tai-an Hot springs→turn left into Wenshui Visitor center after around 100 meters 2. Take Zhongshan Highway, exiting at Miaoli(132K)→head towards Gongguan (Provincial highway)→take County Road 62 heading towards Tai-an Hot springs→ turn left into Wenshui Visitor center after around 100 meters

    (B)By provincial highway No.3
    1. From Taizhong and Fengyuan, take Provincial Highway No.3 north through Dongshi, Zhuolan, and Dahu, then change to County Road 62 at Wenshui and head in the direction of Tai-an hot springs, and turn left into Wenshui Visitor Center after around 100 meters. 2. From Guanxi and Zhudong, take Provincial Highway No.3 through Emei, Nanzhuang and Shitan, then change to County Road 62 at Wenshui and head in the direction of Tai-an hot springs, and turn left into Wenshui Visitor Center after around 100 meters.

  • By train:

    Train → Miaoli Railway Station → Change to Xinzhu Transportation Co. bus for Dahu (or Zhuolan) → alight at Fayun Temple stop (or Shuiweiping) → walk along County Route 62 towards Tai-an hot springs to Wenshui Visitor center (it will take around five minutes).

    Take THSR → THSR Miaoli Station → THSR Express Bus 101B Miaoli St -- Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters → alight at Terminal-Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters → Wenshui Visitor Center

    Related websites:
    2.Xinzhu Transportation Co.:www.hcbus.com.tw。Miaoli Station:037-277981。Dahu Station:037-991017。

  • Driving direction
  • Location
  • Wenshui Visitor Center

    Day 1

    Taipei(or Taizhong)→Wenshui visitor center→Fayun Temple→Wenshui old street →Qingan Tofu Street→Tai-an Hot spring(stay overnight)

    Day 2

    Guided tour of Tai-an village→Strawberry picking in Dahu (view the sunflower fields when strawberries are out of season)→Dahu Wineland Resort→ return


  • 一日遊

    新竹客運苗栗站 → 法雲寺站(22公里,車程約40分鐘) → 汶水遊客中心(550公尺,步行約7分鐘) → 由遊客中心大門進入1、2樓展示空間參觀、視聽室欣賞生態影片(停留1小時) → 生態湖景觀橋(停留30分鐘) → 賦歸

  • 遊程簡介


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  • Wenshui Visitor Center