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Xuejian Trail

Standing beside Central Cross-Island Highway at Lishan and looking to the northwest side, you can see a long strip of summits across Te-Chi Reservoir that deeply enchants alpinists. This strip of lofty peaks is called Dajian Ridge or Dasiajian Trail.

Extending westward from Main Peak of Xue Mountain, Dajian Ridge turns southward at Sancha Mountain (3,565) around Cuei Pond, including 8 famed mountains over 3,000 meters: Southwest Peak of Xue Mountain (3,471), Dajian Mountain (3,594), Jiannanjian Mountain (3,285), Youpolan Mountain (3,308), Bufucihan Mountain (3,295), Jiayang Mountain (3,314), and Siaojian Mountain (3,253). The horst axis after Siaojian Mountain is cut off by the middle reaches of Dajia River, so that Baigu Mountain does not connect with Xue Mountain Range and Dajian Ridge.

Among 6 mountain trails in Xue Mountain, Dasiajian Trail is not the longest one. But the vertical journey rises and falls frequently, and there is no shelter or water on the way. Also, it takes two days climbing from the trailhead to ridge. Therefore, few teams take this trailhead to date.
Dajian Mountain
Dajian Mountain

  • Day 1

    Jhongsing Road on Yilan Branch of Central Cross-Island Highway→Renshou Bridge, checkpoint→Songmao Hydrological Station 15min→ Leshan Bridge 30min→ Trailhead

  • Day 2

    Trailhead 350min→ Tuilun Mountain 120min→ Youpolan Mountain→Youpolan Campground

  • Day 3

    Youpolan Campground→Youpolan Mountain 60min→ Bufucihan Mountain 130min→ Laowu Campground Jiayang Mountain 160min→ Siaojian Mountain 380min→ back to Youpolan Campground

  • Day 4

    Youpolan Campground 195min→ Dajian Mountain 180min→ Southwest Peak of Xue Mountain 80min→ Wanmeigu Campground 210min→ Cuei Pond

  • Day 5

    Cuei Pond 90min→ Main Peak of Xue Mountain 140min→ Sanliujiu Hut (369 Hut) 195min→ Qika Hut 50min→ Trailhead of Xue Mountain

  • Map
  • Campground at Trailhead of Dajian Mountain T97 E258266/N2693610

    The trailhead at the base of fire break forest in Tuilun Mountain is flat and suitable to pitch tents. Water needs to be carried from Leshan Bridge.

  • Water line of 2385m Jianjhuang Ridge T97 E272994/N2687949

    This water line lies in the west valley of 2,385-meter-high Jianjhuang Ridge, part of Tuilun Mountain Range. Water is in the creek but unstable.

  • Tueilun Pool T97 E271912/N2689453

    Tueilun Pool is located on the west side of the ridge being 200 meters behind the base point of Tuilun Mountain. Rich in water only after raining, this pool dries up in general.

  • Youpolan Campground T97 E270875/N2690910

    Lying in the concave valley of the north edge on the summit of Youpolan Mountain, this campground is an important site to stay overnight in Syuejian Ridge, 350 meters away from the peak. To get water, walk from the campground toward Dajian Mountain, along the saddle between Jiannanjian and Dajian Mountains, follow the sign to the creek on the northwest.

  • Wanmei Valley Campground T97 E270875/N2695628

    There are several campgrounds on the way from Dajian Mountain, across Southwest Peak of Xue Mountain, and to Wanmei Valley. Among them, Wanmei Valley Campground is the most comfortable with good views. In the rainy season, the concave valley on grasslands is full of water, like an earthly paradise.

  • Cuei Pond Shelter image
    Cuei Pond Shelter T97 E272568/N2697729

    Cuei Pond Shelter has a wide campground and abundant water in Cuei Pond.