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Guanwu Recreation Area

Guanwu Station was established on May 25, 2002 and is the interpretation base of Shei-pa National Park in the Guanwu area. The station has an exhibition area, an audio-visual room and also has interpreters on hand to introduce the rich natural resources of the area and provide useful information to allow visitors to make the most of their visit. The audio-visual room has 57 seats and films about Shei-pa’s natural ecology are shown every day. Advanced group bookings are welcome. The visitor center also sells national park ecology books and has an outdoor area selling simple meals and a place where commemorative stamps can be obtained. Visitors are welcome to Guanwu Recreation Area to enjoy this educational and interesting space planned by Shei-pa National Park Headquarters.

  • Opening time

    The exhibition room is open to visitors from 9:00am to 4:30pm. It is closed on Mondays or the day after a holiday.

  • Address

    Guanwu 1-1, Meiyuan village, Tai-an Township, Miaoli County 369

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  • Ecological film showing time
    Time / Title
    09:30 Images of Guanwu
    11:30 The Story of the Guanwu Salamander [Formosan Salamander (Hynobius formosanus) ]
    13:30 Images of Guanwu
    14:30 The Story of the Guanwu Salamander [Formosan Salamander (Hynobius formosanus) ]
    15:30 The Shengleng Forest Canopy
    In addition to the above showings there are showings at 10:00, 11:00, 14:00, 15:00 that can be booked in advance by groups of over 20 people. Bookings should be made at least a day in advance by telephoning +886-37-276300.

    Things to note:

    The audio-visual room has 32 seats. The films last around 20 minutes and entry is on a first come, first served basis. If you are unable to see the film you want because there are no seats available or the above times are unsuitable, a showing can be booked by telephoning +886-372-763-00

    Bookings can be made for groups of over 20 and should be made at least one day in advance.

    Staff numbers are insufficient at lunchtime so no bookings are accepted from 12:00 to 13:00. Please arrive for the showing on time. In the case of late arrival the park headquarters reserves the right to cancel the booked showing.

  • Map
  • Guanwu Recreation Area (Tai-an Township, Miaoli County)

    1. To get to Guanwu take Taiwan National Highway No 3, exit at the Zhulin exit and head in the direction of Zhudong, then take county highway 122, pass through Wufeng, Qingquan to Tuchang, then take Dalu Forest Road to Guanwu.Also, by taking the Chungshan Expressway (Highway No.1), exiting at Xinzhu Gongdaowu exit, then taking Provincial highway 68 (east-west Expressway) you can reach Zhudong quickly, then change to county highway 122.

    2. Dalu Forest Road is 3-4 meters wide, has many turns and passing oncoming vehicles is not easy. The road is only suitable for medium sized buses and smaller vehicles. Xinzhu Motor Co. only provides public transport to Qingquan so most visitors to Guanwu provide their own transport.

  • Route mileage

    Zhudong(County highway 122) * 16K * Wufeng * 10K * Qingquan * 2K * Dalu Forest Road * 25K * National park boundary marker * 1K * Guanwu Station

  • Driving direction
  • Map
  • Yunwu Trail

    One day trip

    Zhudong→Qingquan (Zhang Xueliang Cultural Hall )→ Guanwu→ Yunwu Trail→Guanwu Visitor Center→return

  • Le Mountain Forest Trail

    Two day trip

    Day 1

    Zhudong→Qingquan (Qingquan Hot springs, Zhang Xueliang Cultural Hall) →Guanwu→Yunwu Trail →Guanwu Visitor Center→stay in a homestay near

    Day 2

    Guanwu→ watch the sunrise at Le Mountain→Kuaishan Big Tree Trail→return

  • Zhenshan Trail

    Three day trip

    Day 1

    Zhudong→Qingquan (Qingquan Hot springs, Zhang Xueliang Cultural Hall) →Guanwu→stay in a homestay near Guanwu

    Day 2

    Guanwu→watch the sunrise at Le Mountain→Kuaishan Big Tree Trail→Guanwu Visitor Center→Yunwu Trail→stay in a homestay near Guanwu

    Day 3

    Guanwu→Zhenshan Trail (closed at present) →return


  • 一日遊

    竹東 → (28公里,車程60分鐘) → 清泉 → 參觀張學良文化館(停留30分鐘) → (26公里,車程60分鐘) → 觀霧*參觀觀霧山椒魚生態中心 (停留60分鐘) → (54公里,車程120分鐘) → 回程

  • 遊程簡介






(The above information is for reference only)

1. The weather in mountain areas is changeable and road conditions are poor. For your own safety, visitors are requested to plan your trip carefully and leave the recreation area before dark.
2. Please note: After Wufeng there are no gas stations on the road to Guanwu. Drivers should fill their tank in Zhudong or Wufeng!
3. The Guanwu area’s accommodation and restaurants are limited in number. Please do not remain in the mountain area if you have not booked a room (Dalu Forest Road has guest houses and places to eat at the 15K and 21.5K point)
4. The mountains can be very cold. Visitors should bring a warm coat and never walk alone.
5. Only a few of the homestays in the Guanwu area provide food. Visitors are advised to bring along dry foods.
6. The area is often covered in thick fog in the afternoon and at night. Visibility can be poor so drivers should take extra care.
7. According to the National Park Act, lighting fires and cooking in the Guanwu Recreation Area are prohibited.
8. Dabajian Mountain climbing trail is in an ecological reserve. Visitors wanting to climb the mountain should apply to the Conservation Division of Shei-Pa National Park Headquarters for a park entry permit at least seven days before the date of entry (Dalu Forest Trail east route leading to the Dabajian Mountain trailhead has now been designated a trail).
9. Smoking is forbidden throughout Guanwu Recreation Area.

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