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Daba North Trail

North Daba Trail usually refers to the trail that starts from the Cinsbu (Jhensibao) Divine Trees( located at Cinsbu Tribe of Jianshih Township), followed by Mayang Mountain(2,864M), Nanmayang Mountain (2,933M), Mayang Pond and Dabajian Mountain. The beginning of the trail was once the hunting path of The Atayal Tribe. The height ascends from 1,600M (Cinsbu) to almost 3,500M (Dabajian Mountain). Since the altitude difference and topographic changes is significant, the difficulty of North Daba Trail is also higher than Daba Peaks Trail.

Because part of the trail directly passes through Arrow Bamboo bushes, it could be hard to follow the correct trail. We suggest you to hire the local aboriginal guide from Cinsbu or Shinkong Tribe in order to prevent you from getting lost.

  • Day 1

    Taipei or Kaohsiung→Zhulin Interchange→Jhudong Township→Jianshi Township→Shinkong Tribe/ Cinsbu Tribe

  • Day 2

    Shinkong Tribe/ Cinsbu Tribe 9 hours→ First Campground before Mayang Mountain→Second Campground before Mayang Mountain

  • Day 3

    Second Campground before Mayang Mountain 30 min→ Mayang Mountain 60min→ Nanmayang Mountain 180min→ Mayang Pond Campground

  • Day 4

    Mayang Pond Campground 240min→ Jhongba ground 40min→ Dabajian Mountain 50min→ Xiaobajian Mountain 240min→Back to Mayang Pond Campground

  • Day 5

    Mayang Pond Campground 180 min→ Second Campground before Mayang Mountain 180 min→ First Campground before Mayang Mountain (or Mayang Pond Campground 720 min→Cinsbu Tribe/ Shinkong Tribe)

  • Day 6

    Campground Before Mayang Mountain(or Cinsbu Tribe/ Shinkong Tribe) → Jhudong Township→Home

  • Map
  • First Campground before Mayang Mountain T97 E280027/N2714271

    There are two sections of the campground, each with a capacity of two 4-person tents. Water is below the lower section of the campground for about 150 meters.

  • Second Campground before Mayang Mountain image
    Second Campground before Mayang Mountain T97 E278260/N2710607

    It has the capacity of four 4-person tent. Walk 10 meters toward the direction of Mayang Mountain, and water is on the downhill for about 500 meters.

  • Mayang Pond Campground image
    Mayang Pond Campground T97 E277047/N2709005

    A grassland located between Nanmayang Mountain and Jhongba ground. Water can be get from Mayang Pond which is 60 meters away, and it needs to be filtered. But during the dry season(from October to April), you should bring water by yourself.