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General Affairs

General Affairs

  • The goals of Shei-Pa National Park?
    The goals of the park are based on the Article 1 of the National Park Law: "Be it enacted for the purposes of preserving the nation's unique natural scenery, wild fauna and flora and historical sites and providing public recreation and areas for scientific research, that is hereby created the National Park Law." Its three principal goals include:
    1. Conservation: To protect the natural ecosystem, landscape resources, and historical relics, and to properly manage them for sustainable development.
    2. Education and recreation: Without the violation of conservation purpose, to provide the public with recreational activities and opportunities, so as to cultivate the people's mind and body.
    3. Research: To offer places and opportunities for natural scientific research and outdoor environmental education, so as to uplift the people's educational standard.
  • How can members of the public read agency archives?
    1. Search for the public record you want to read, copy or reproduce in the Electronic Agencies’ Records of the National Archives Administration.
    2. Select the record you want to read in the Electronic Agencies’ Records, then make an application form, or go to “Services” on this Headquarters' website and download “Record use application form” (you can refer to the sample) and other documents.
    3. After completing and signing the required forms, deliver them personally or mail them to this Headquarters at No. 100, Shuiweiping, Fuxing Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County, 36443, stating “Records use application” on the envelope.
    4. After examining the application according to Article 18 of the Public Records Act and Article 46 of the Administrative Procedure Law, the applicant will be informed of the result of the examination within 30 days. Thank you (Administration Office).
  • How can members of the public purchase bid documents from agency?

    Documents (bidding documents) can be publicly obtained by referring to the agency tender invitation and publicly announced “Method and place for publicly obtaining documents.” The cost of bidding documents differs for each case, from NT$200-1000. At presents members of the public can purchase bidding documents from this Headquarters using the following methods:

    1. Purchase in person from this Headquarters (the Administration Office).
    2. Purchase by post: send a self-addressed A3 envelope with NT$130 postage paid, stating the name of the procurement case.
    3. Obtain electronically: depending on the rules of the individual tender invitation case the bidding documents can be obtained electronically.
  • If a member of the public has a procurement dispute or complaint how should it be handled?

    In the case of supplier-agency tender invitation, examination of bid, awarding of contract, making of contract, fulfillment of contract and acceptance inspection disputes an objection can be made to the agency inviting the tender according to the government Procurement Law and related regulations or a complaint or request for mediation for a dispute relating to contract execution can be made to the Procurement Complaint Review Board of the Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan. Objections and complaint: procurement complaint examination is done in writing. For related forms and fees visit “Government procurement dispute handling” on at http://www.pcc.gov.tw and download. Procurement Complaint Review Board tel no.: 02-87897500 Central Procurement & Audit Team Tel. no: 02-87897548 /Fax: 02-87897554. Ethics breach reporting:

    1. Ministry of Interior Procurement & Audit Team reporting telephone no.: (02)23976717/ Fax (02)23976874 Reporting address: 3rd floor, No.5, Xuzhou Road, Taipei City.
    2. Investigation bureau, Ministry of Justice Reporting tel.no: (02)29188888 Reporting address: Xindian Mail Box No. 60000
    3. Taipei City Field Office, Investigation Bureau Reporting address: Taipei Mail t Box No. 60000
    4. Ministry of Interior Reporting tel.no 0800-70885/reporting address: Taipei Mail Box 8-82
    5. Construction & Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior Reporting tel.no. (02)27734496 reporting address: Taipei Mail Box 53-831 Note: e-mail ptmail@cpami.gov.tw